Work hard.
sleep smart.

From an idea to the product it is usually a long way. Our story started back in 2004 when smaretsleep founder dr. Markus Dworak first dealt with the subject of sleep. Through the results of his research and the personal experience of how to feel after a short night, the idea finally came to smartsleep®.

Smart Sleep GmbH was founded in 2015 together with the design and marketing experts Daniel Matthieu and Burk J. Ulrich.

from left.: Burk J. Ulrich, Daniel Matthieu and Dr. Markus Dworak.

The day everything changed

Dr. Markus Dworak at "Die Höhle der Löwen"   Photo: MG RTL D / Frank W. Hempel.

On 19.09.2018 was our big appearance in the TV founders show "DIE HÖHLE DER LÖWEN".

smartsleep® not only convinced all investors of the popular TV Start-Up show, but also thousands of customers in over 10 different countries.

start small –

Creative ideas are easier to find in a creative environment. Our office in Erkrath near Dusseldorf offers many opportunities to let creative ideas run wild and in between to make one or the other decision at the kicker table. We are always looking for new talents. You think YOU fit to our team perfectly? Get in touch with us!